A while ago I started to be interested in what I eat. Food became more than simply fuel to get me through the day. I wanted to eat food that was good for me, food that contained ingredients that were wholesome, and food that wasn't bad for other people, or animals.
Yet shopping in supermarkets didn't seem to help me. Staff couldn't answer my questions about where food was from or how it was made. The whole set-up seemed geared to people piling items into trolleys with as little thought as possible.
I think supermarkets have used convenience to their advantage, reaping huge profits whilst we blindly buy what they set before us.
I want to put the curiosity back into food.
This blog is for anyone who cares about where their food comes from. It's for people who are careful about what goes into their bodies, careful about where it comes from, and careful about who they give their money to.
And it's for people who don't mind paying a fair price to someone making a fair living from feeding us.

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